goings on and moving forward

‘Toaty Wee’ went really well at the VAU studios. so well, I was one of the featured artists in the show which was very exciting indeed! Massive thanks to everyone who went along and enjoyed all the brilliant tiny works. I took a little screen capture to show myself as evidence. please do check out VAU and all that they do by visiting their website.

toaty wee 210316

@vaunit mentioning me on their instagram. 

Other news,  I attended a Clothes Swap event hosted by Glasgow Roller Derby  which was a huge step at getting my work out there and actually trying to sell pieces for the first time since my degree show. The event had a great atmosphere and everyone was hugely supportive and positive which was wonderful, and I made a sale which made all the stress and worry about people ‘not getting it’ worth it. You can read more about the event here.

clothes swap 160416

setting up my table.

I was back in the studio working with my very talented photographer friend Dave McAleavy once again which was loads of fun. All of our shots together can be viewed here – please note there are some NSFW shots on there.

All of this whilst still recovering from my back injury, trying to work and make a living, and trying to find the time to be creative. I still haven’t found the balance. But it will come soon I hope. Another thing to hopefully come soon is an online store for all my available works! I’m very excited about this and hopefully you will be too.

until next time.


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