New stuff

New listings added to my etsy store

And a whole bunch of older works on offer! 

treat yo self! 


all the things!

So….. it’s been a while, huh?!

In all honesty, my mental health hasn’t been the best lately – on new medication now which is helping, but its been a bit of a struggle to find the energy to create and find the work/life/work balance.

What have I been doing?!

Well…. I recently got asked to paint my friends car for the Rust2Rome rally. Their team name is team Merc With A Mouth because its an old Mercades and they love Deadpool (who doesn’t?!) So I painted some Deadpool related things for them.
You can watch the video here and you can follow the idiotic islanders journey, continuing to help raise awareness for the need of a Dialysis Unit on the Isle of Bute (more info here), via their youtube channel or their instagram , twitter and facebook

From that, I painted a 24″ x 24″ canvas of Deadpool (it is available for purchase.)

deadpool 24x24

24×24″ £120 including shipping or £100 to pickup from Glasgow City Centre

Other news?…

Everything in my online store has been discounted! Please do check it out here

Everything must go – New works will be added soon when more of these items clear!


Sorry I’ve been quiet

So I thought it appropriate to give a little update.

I’ve been a tad AWOL lately and for that I apologise. My mental health hasn’t been the best, and I’ve recently been put onto anti-depressants for the first time. It been really difficult to adjust and to find the motivation and energy to wake up each day let alone create new work. I’ve had a major case of ‘imposter syndrome’ and feeling not good enough and unable to create even the simplest of drawings and minor tasks which has been extremely difficult.

I’m fortunate that I have some excellent support around me (more than I had thought initially) and I’m working hard to try get better.

In the meantime, all works on my shop have been renewed and are available to purchase once again. I hope to get back to creating new work (and feeling happy with it) again soon.

I just need a little breathing space to get better.


Final sale

This tiny wee painting was my last sale of the year. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your support. 

There may be a massive shop announcement in the new year so keep yer eyes peeled! 

I know I’ve been really quiet these last couple months and for that I apologise. Lots of changes with work and working hours and other personal stuff, but I’m okay and slowly catching up with life.

Thanks again for all the support, this year has been pretty crazy. Here’s to the future!